2023 Class Schedule

Tuition Information

The tuition cost is $1,250.00 U.S. payable prior to the intensive two-week experience. However, there is a discount of $100.00 for full advance payment, provided that we receive the full tuition, in our office, 30 days prior to the date of the upcoming session. All funds are payable in U.S. currency.

Class Payment Options for our June 19th - June 30th, 2023 Class  
June 19th - June 30th, 2023 Class— Regular Tuition, $1,250.00
Paid in full, after May 20th, 2023
June 19th - June 30th, 2023 Class— Discounted Tuition, $1,150.00
Paid in full, on or before May 20th, 2023
June 19th - June 30th, 2023 Class— Down Payment, $100.00
with a balance due of $1,150.00 To be Paid, in person, on the 1st day of class June 19th, 2023

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Lifetime Free Scholarship

Learn to sell like a pro!

All graduates of the Walton School of Auctioneering are welcome to attend future training session free of charge. This unique offer provides you an opportunity to brush up your skills, learn changes to auction-related laws, or just learn about the latest trends in the auction industry.

Continuing Education

June 5, 2023 is our next Continuing Education class, details here.


2023 Walton School of Auctioneering

Congratulations to our
March 2023 Class!

Registration for the June 2023 class is now available!

Auction School

  • March 13th - 24th
  • June 19th - 30th
  • September 11th - 22nd
  • November 27th - December 8th


International Society of Appraisers
International Society of Appraisers

We accept PayPal

We now accept PayPal for tuition payments to The Walton School of Auctioneering. Check for upcoming class dates, early registration has it's advantages.

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