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Walton and Associates School of Auctioneering has developed a unique and proven curriculum designed to ensure your success as an auction professional . The trainers and auction professionals at The Walton School of Auctioneering have applied their years of experience conducting thousands of auctions, selling millions of dollars in real and personal property to develop a comprehensive auction curriculum.

We measure our success as an auctioneer training organization by the success of each of our graduates. We are proud to say that our graduates are among the leaders in the industry. What sets us apart from other auctioneer training facilities is our emphasis is not only teaching you the mechanics of auctioneering, but the intricacies of the business. We’ll help you hit the ground running and achieve success in the auction business.

2020 Class Schedule

Tuition Information

The tuition cost is $1,050.00 U.S. payable prior to the intensive two-week experience. However, there is a discount of $100.00 for full advance payment, provided that we receive the full tuition, in our office, 30 days prior to the date of the upcoming session. All funds are payable in U.S. currency.

Class Payment Options for our June 8th to June 19th, 2020 Class  
September 14th to September 25th, 2020 Class— Regular Tuition, $1,050.00
Paid in full, after August 16th, 2020
September 14th to September 25th, 2020 Class— Discounted Tuition, $950.00
Paid in full, on or before August 16th, 2020
September 14th to September 25th, 2020 Class— Down Payment, $100.00
with a balance due of $950.00 To be Paid, in person, on the 1st day of class September 25th, 2020

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The curriculum is as follows:

  1. State laws pertaining to auctions (10 hrs)
  2. Federal and local laws pertain to auctions (2 hrs)
    1. Federal Firearms Auction Laws (2 hrs)
  3. Ethics and professionalism (4 hrs)
  4. Auction Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Promotion (9 hrs)
  5. Contracts and legal (4 hrs)
  6. Evaluating real or personal property (2 hrs)
  7. Consignment auctions and auction galleries (2 hrs)
  8. General business practices (2 hrs)
  9. Real estate at auction (2 hrs)
  10. Public speaking and public address systems (1 hr) - Day 1, 4:15 - 5:15
  11. Accounting procedures (3 hrs)
  12. Working the ring (1 hr)
  13. Bid Calling & Voice Control (20 hrs)
  14. Internet auctions (1 hr)
  15. Farm Equipment and Livestock Auctions ( 3 hrs)
  16. Getting Started as an Auctioneer, Selling Intangible Services (3hrs)
  17. Writing Winning Sales Proposals (2 hrs)
  18. Industrial & Heavy Equipment Auctions (2 hrs)
  19. Auto Auctions, both dealer and public (2 hrs)
  20. Estate and Bankruptcy Auction (2hrs)
  21. Exams and Reviews (7 hrs)


2020 Walton School of Auctioneering class dates: September 14 - September 25, and November 30 - December 11

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International Society of Appraisers
International Society of Appraisers

We accept PayPal

We now accept PayPal for tuition payments to The Walton School of Auctioneering. Check for upcoming class dates, early registration has it's advantages.

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